Hidden Homeless Project

Stories of a generation locked out

Winner of the Glass Society of Ireland’s Award for distinction in glass

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Sculpture In Context

Sculpture in Context is the longest running, most prestigious sculpture exhibition in Ireland. Staged annually in the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, this unique exhibition showcases the inspiring and extraordinary work of both established and emerging artists throughout the magnificent 50 acres of landscaped gardens located in Glasnevin, just three kilometres from Dublin City Centre.

Exhibition on display from Thursday 7th Sept to Friday 13th October.

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Lined Wireframe Portrait Frame

The 12 glass houses hold immense symbolic significance as each structure is priced according to the average rent in Dublin during the exhibition, with fluctuating rent rates corresponding to the fluctuation of the house's price. The 12 houses, therefore, represent one year of renting in Dublin, highlighting the pressing issue of the housing crisis.

The current average Dublin rent is €2344

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Hidden Homeless Project

House 1


House 2


House 3

The Guilt of Resentment

House 4

Be Quiet

House 5


House 6


House 7

Freedom v Security

House 8


House 9

Health Anxiety

House 10


House 11

Cena - Home

House 12


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